When you are in pain, you everyday life suffers. If you suffer from frequent headaches, pain throughout the body or at a specific point, contact us with confidence. We treat pain with acupuncture and blockade of the so-called trigger points. Although it can have major consequences, we still know little about pain. It is uncomfortable both physically and emotionally, and it also affects our ability to perform tasks at work, at home or in the society. Although pain can be long-lasting, one should never give up on trying to treat it. In addition to medications, pain can be treated with alternative therapies such as acupuncture, acupressure and massage, depending on the needs of each patient. At the Rotim Clinic, each patient is approached individually with the choice of the best and most successful method of pain treatment depending on its etiology, with the help of a detailed examination, diagnosis and therapeutic procedures.


Department for treatment of pain

In the outpatient department for treatment of pain, the main goal is to solve every problem that creates pain for the patient and prevents him/her from having a high quality of life. The team includes anesthesiologists, neurologists, surgeons, therapists and nurses who work together to create a treatment plan according to the patient’s needs. When medications are not enough, they are combined with other treatments. Local anesthetics, corticosteroids, nerve blocks, physical therapy, electrical stimulation and psychological counseling are then used, all with one goal – pain relief and normal life for the patient.


Preparing for surgery

If you are preparing for surgery, you need to be examined by an anesthesiologist. It is extremely important to answer in detail and honestly all questions about diseases, medications, allergies and habits such as smoking, alcohol or narcotics. This will help us choose the best method of anesthesia for your body. Of course, you can ask questions, which we will be happy to answer in detail.


For the preoperative examination it is necessary to bring:

  • laboratory test results not older than one month: complete blood count, sodium, potassium, urea, creatinine, sugar, liver tests, coagulation test
  • documented blood type
  • ECG results not older than one month
  • X-ray of the heart and lungs not older than six months (exception: not needed for children and otherwise healthy young people)
  • medical documentation related to the surgical procedure being prepared
  • previous medical documentation


If you do not have all the necessary test results, you can obtain them at our clinic.