BTL’s Exilis Elite is the fastest and most powerful medical device for non-invasive and painless removal of fat and body contouring. Exilis is a device unique for its action and was created as a result of many years of research on the impact of radio frequency and ultrasound on skin shaping, tightening and rejuvenation. Thanks to this technology, the BTL’s Exilis Elite is the most efficient device in its category on the world market with as many as 85% satisfied customers, far ahead of the competition.


Exilis Elite can be used on any part of the face or body, delaying the need for invasive surgical procedures such as a facelift, blepharoplasty or liposuction, especially in patients with mild to moderate fat deposits.


Why Exilis Elite?

Exilis Elite was named the best device for non-invasive removal of fat deposits, improving skin tone and reducing cellulite. Exilis is a device designed to target different tissue depths during treatment to reduce fat deposits and/or tighten the skin.


Exilis’ special design enables targeted application of radiofrequency, which changes the properties of fat cells and connective tissues, especially collagen. In addition to volumetric heating of tissues, which causes a decrease in fat cells (by increasing metabolic activity) and stimulation of collagen formation, the Exilis Elite treatment also works to reduce cellulite. As a result of the action of radiofrequency, deposition of collagen and its remodeling occur after certain time, which ultimately results in skin tightening. This mode of action is particularly important given the fact that collagen formation in the body decreases by an average of 1% every year, while skin thickness decreases by an average of 7% every 10 years.


Exilis is one of the few devices that can achieve a real reduction in volume, especially when an actual loss of 4 to 15 cm that occurs after 6 sessions is taken into consideration. At the same time, it is the safest device because it has an Energy Flow Control which ensures a maximum effect on the tissue being treated, providing a pleasant and painless treatment, without time needed for recovery.


Exilis Elite can be used to treat the face, double chin, back, neck, arms, cleavage area, legs, abdomen, and hips.


The treatment with Exilis Elite is completely painless, effective and safe. One session lasts up to an hour, depending on the number of zones treated, and the sessions are performed at intervals of 5 to 10 days. During the session, a probe passes over the desired area, and the person treated feels a slight warmth due to the energy that reaches the tissue and targets fat deposits, while simultaneously inciting collagen synthesis.


Exilis Elite is suitable for all persons from 20 to 65 years of age, for all skin types and during all seasons. The patients are recommended 6 treatments, at intervals of 7 to 10 days. Even though the results are visible immediately after each session, it is important to emphasize that the final results after the treatment with Exilis Elite can be seen after 6 months.


Advice for better results!

  • It is advisable to arrive to the session well hydrated to achieve the maximum effect.
  • After the session, light physical activity of up to 30 minutes is recommended if the goal of the treatment is to reduce fat deposits.
  • The results achieved by Exilis Elite are long-lasting, and the sustainability of the results depends on the patient’s eating habits and general lifestyle.


Exilis Elite is your choice because the treatment is:

UNIQUE: it is the first and only system that uses both radiofrequency and ultrasound to tighten the skin and lose fat tissue and cellulite.

SAFE: the principle of action is in strictly controlled simultaneous emission of monopolar radio frequency, dispersed ultrasound and cooling module, which ensures action at a desired tissue depth.

PAINLESS: one of the special features of Exilis Elite is that the system has an Energy Flow Control that ensures maximum effect on the tissue being treated, providing maximum comfort.

RESULTS: Exilis Elite was named the best device for non-invasive removal of fat deposits, improving the skin tone and reducing cellulite.